“It’s no secret that the nursing profession is one of the most demanding fields in healthcare today. This infographic by University of San Francisco’s Online MSN, takes a close look at how obtaining a Master’s in Nursing can help existing nurses further both their education and their careers.

Roles as clinical nurse leaders, care coordinators, nurse managers and patient educators are highly sought-after positions and generally require additional years of schooling beyond a bachelor’s or certificate in nursing. Pursuing an MSN allows existing nurse professionals to build upon their existing knowledge base and specialize in a specific area that best suits their fancy.

Did you know that the salary of an RN can stall at a certain point? Nurses who earn an MSN on average see a wage increase of nearly $40 an hour. The visual also addresses additional economic benefits of pursuing an MSN along with projections for the increased need in the profession, job satisfaction and other interesting tidbits.”

Why Get Your Master’s in Nursing?