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When a Nurse Needs a Nurse?


nurse in intense pain in workNurses are exceptional workers always on the go! Insensitive, sluggishness and impatience plays no part in our lives. We are trained to deal with difficult situations, pressure and stress. Just like an advertisement line, we are built to last. But to some, how will they describe nurses? Based on my experience, once they know you’re a nurse; you’re obliged to give extra tons of TLC to everybody. Yes, you will give it freely and heartily in order to prove you’re worthy to be called as a compassionate nurse. Almost each and every one assumed that nurses are the most caring people on earth. Aren’t we? TLC is required in the medical arena and it is most wanted in our home especially when a family member is in poor health. When a relative is admitted in the hospital, your name is trending. Having your attendance as a nurse or family member on special duty gives ease and comfort to the family. However, are they open to the possibility that one day nurses also need a nurse?



I remember when somebody asked me curiously, do nurses get sick? Her tone of voice and facial expression is still fresh in my brain cells. “I think it’s improper and funny”, she commented. “You don’t have the right to be sick”, she added. This is the common stupid view of others. Hello, I want the whole world to know that nurses are also human. Do we need to prove that? Like you we can also feel pain, we need rest and we have to unwind. Please don’t treat us like a robot or an alien from outer space with special healing powers. We also need TLC like humans do.


Well, it’s heartbreaking to present the reality that nurses are hard headed patients. Some nurses don’t take medications on time and the worst part is they have no plans in taking it. Some will act like doctors and do self-medication. I don’t understand why things work this way? Sometimes they don’t want to act as a nurse when they are the patients. Nevertheless, I consider nurses have hidden reasons behind these.


A question is raised; do nurses consider health as their top priority? How? When we’re very busy and fail to remember that we haven’t taken our meals on time just to do our job? When we overlook bathroom break and hold our bladder in order to perform our task? When we go on night shift duty just to serve our patients? With this situation, how can you say we are good care takers of our health? We care for others, yet we are setting aside our own health.

Given the fact that we know a bunch about health, many will set our way of life as an example. Having an idea regarding well being is a great advantage in our part. This will aid us to achieve health at its finest. In a busy split second at work, can you stop for a while and ask yourself how can a nurse deliver quality care to patients when a nurse needs a nurse?

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