Few days ago I have posted the different types of co-workers you might meet in your nurse station. If you haven’t nurse-talkative-in-stationhad enough of that we have more for you on this second part. Today, we shall explore the other types of employees you might encounter in the station or the workplace.

  1. The obsessive-compulsive – double-checking is not enough for this individual, he will usually triple-check every medication order before giving the medicine. He will check before leaving the station, before entering the patient’s door and before administering it to the patient. This is a good attitude to avoid medication errors just make sure that it does not affect other workloads.
  2. The disappearing staff you’re pretty sure they are with you during your shift but when a strict doctor makes his rounds, this nurse just evaporates from the station faster than you can say hello. Be sure to be updated with her patients so that you can be at the ready in case the doctor asks about his patient.
  3. The over sharer these are the ones that always have a take on everything. They even tackle things you don’t need to know about them. If you are getting annoyed with their constant talking, try giving them a time limit, like when he/she is about to tell something tell him/her that you only have 3 minutes because you have to drain the JP on 228.
  4. The recycler from vial caps, to plungers, to IV bottles, this type of co-worker has a knack of keeping used things for future use. She can build her own central supply room of things you can recycle and she can raise a fund from the things she collects. Just be sure to help her out on her movement to gather recyclable things and you will be bff’s with her.
  5. The kleptomaniac ever placed a chocolate bar on the fridge that went missing just when you were about to eat it? The kleptomaniac can get anything from pens to cadies so make sure to keep track of all your stuff or put a label on your pens.
  6. The work junkie these are those who just can’t get enough of work. They are usually available for on-calls, holiday duties, even during their schedule day off. They provide service beyond what is expected of them. Truth is they even ask for duties beyond their scheduled ones. This is the perfect model of an exceptional employee where you can take advice and tips from, just don’t overwork yourself and be cautious about your health as well.

I’m sure everyone can relate to these as not only do you see these types of co-workers in the nurse’s station, but you can encounter such individuals in other work environments as well. Do you have other types of co-workers that are not on the list? Share your thoughts below.

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