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RNHeals 4 Official Guidelines by the DOH

The official guidelines for the implementation of the RNHeals Batch 4 has been release by the DOH (Department of Health) on its Facebook Page.The document was issued as Department Order No. 2012-0184.

The main points of the guidelines are:

  1. Nurses and Midwives shall be deployed to DOH Hospitals or RHUs as “pre-service” trainees from January-December 2013.
  2. A distribution list shall be provided by the HHRDB to all CHDs and DOH hospitals through their cluster heads per RHUs and DOH Hospitals.
  3. Nurses shall receive a monthly stipend of 8,000 pesos, plus 2,400 PhilHealth premium, GSIS Group Personal Accident Insurance premium of Php 500.00 and additional monetary or non-monetary benefits from the recipient health facilities.
  4. After completing the program satisfactorily, the nurses shall receive a Certificate of Completion.
  5. Recruitment shall be from October 29, 2012 until November 29, 2012.
  6. Application forms can be downloaded at http://www.doh.gov.ph/rnheals (but as of the moment, the website is down)
  7. Only nurses with valid PRC licenses can apply. Verification shall be done through www.prc.gov.ph
  8. A medical certificate from a approved government health facility is required.
  9. The Php 8,000.000 allowance/stipend shall be given in full for pre-service trainees that has completed the number of training days per month. In case of absences, a fixed amount of Php 363.00 per day shall be deducted regardless of the number of training days per month. The stipend shall be released on or before every 10th and 25th day of the month.
  10. Nurse shall have a Daily Time Record (DTR) which shall serve as the basis for their stipend.
  11. Attendance of a Pre-Deployment Orientation is required.
  12. Nurses shall work eight (8) hours a day.
  13. Nurses shall be evaluated every rotation/module.

RN Heals 4 Official Guidelines – Full Transcript Order

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