I have always thought myself and believe that being a health care practitioner specifically being a nurse is one of the noblest professions. Primarily, is doesn’t tackle one aspect of a person but it deals holistically. It handles the way you think, you feel and the way you act, isn’t it amazing? Honestly, those uplifting words are now just nice words to ponder at but when reality sets in unemployment, brain drain, fast turnover of nurses are the very equivalent of it.

rn heals privilege

            At times reality bites and it sucks. As my contract will end this February many realizations have made impact on me and make me reflect on the thought “what had RNheals offered me or the community I’m assigned at. Is it a privilege or an eye opener for me? I would directly say it is both.

A privilege, in what sense do you think? Many reasons can be identified. It could be a privilege for nurses who are unemployed for how many years and those who are board passers who haven’t experienced being paid. Or just with this simple and justifiable reason, a privilege serving your own community specially the identified poorest of the poor. You will have all the time to blend with them, know how they live life and being able to monitor their health status and basically address their health needs. As far as I could remember, I joined RNheals not with that full intention and I know that not all nurses have the full commitment just simply to devote efforts and manifest the essence of service not being compensated that much, ouucchh but it’s true.

But you know what the campaign for Kalusugang Pangkalahatan has a very good sight in addressing the problems on health but then proper implementation from the very root is the key for the government to uphold their goals and objectives. The established and written plans are very good to perceive but sad to say that the lowest area that it should be implemented is not well established for various reasons that for the longest years are still the problems of our community.

On the other sense, RNheals served as an eye opener? An eye opener for the real status of our kababayans in terms of health aspect implementation, nurses downgraded and our community as a whole. Thus, the ratio of demand and supply of nurses is fully shown why RNheals is made to a realization as part of governments program to address unemployment. You can ask yourself, is it a good thing or a bad one for nurses who is the epitome of care? Our angels in the sick room, would you blame other nurses seeking for greener pastures? And the other side of the story, would you perceive how really poor in terms of health provisions our poorest sector can manage just for the reason that they don’t have time to look after their health because they need to eat even just twice a day?

Those reflections maybe sad and you can say it sucks but those are the main reasons why we should not give up. I’ll take you to some of my personal journal (learning and insights) throughout my journey as part of RNheals batch 3

[box style=”message”] I have reflected that true service entails sacrifice. Serving especially the poorest sector in our society is not that easy as it may sound. It entails a lot of responsibility and sacrifice. Thus, you should set aside all your usual routine and life to be able to blend with the general population. You have to think strategies that can make all your goals and objective is attainable despite of the various restrictions you may encounter through the way. But one thing is for sure that all the things I have meet it maybe good or bad it is all worth it as long as you can see that the community you are assigned at has changes in a good way and you have contributed in the lives of the clientele and impart knowledge to your navigators and BHW’s especially work ethics. Helping, fixing and serving represent three different ways of seeing life. When you help, you see life as weak. When you fix, you see life as broken. When you serve, you see life as whole. Fixing and helping may be the work of the ego, and service the work of the soul. [/box]

To quote “Life is not just a destination but a journey”.