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RN Heals 4 Application Guide for East Avenue Medical Center

The East Avenue Medical Center is now accepting applicants for the RN Heals batch 4. Applicants may now file their applications though the DOH has stated that official application forms will be available by November 1-30, 2012. If you are interested in applying for the RNHeals 4 at this hospital, here are the requirements needed:

  1. Letter of intent
  2. Resume (with your Personal data, Trainings and Seminars, Working exp – position, name of company and inclusive dates should be specified)
  3. Good moral/ NBI clearance
  4. Diploma and Transcript of records
  5. Certificate of Board rating
  6. Certificate of trainings and seminars after graduation

The documents could be in Certified True Copies. It may also help if you bring original ones just for show of authenticity.

The letter of intent must be addressed to:

Roland L. Cortez, MD., CESO IV, MHA, CEO VI
Medical Center Chief II
East Avenue Medical Center

Thru: Jocelyn A. Francisco
Administrative Officer V
Head, Human Resource Management Office

Reference: www.nursegermz.com/all-regions/ncr-all-regions/rn-heals-4-east-avenue-medical-center-ncr/