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PRC Online Verification Rating for December 2011 Nurses Licensure Examination

Professional Regulation Commission  launched  their Online Verification  Rating or (OVR) last November 2010 an innovative program for  examinees to view  for their rating through the web.

December 2011 Nurses Licensure Examination (NLE) takers and passers can use this procedure just follow the three steps below on how you can check your rating online.

The 3 Steps on PRC Online Verification Rating

  1. Go to PRC Verification of Rating Interface or click this link Online Verification Rating
  •  Once you’re already there choose the Profession ex. Nurse.
  • Then  click the drop down  and search for the Exam date you have taken the examination.
  1. For the Application Number just write the last 6 (six) digits which can be found in upper portion Notice of Admission (NOA) ex. Application number is: 2011-3- 156789.  No need to input the 2011-3

  2. Fill in the necessary field then click verified.

The result showed  such as this if you  input correctly the form.

PRC Online Verification










  • You will receive  no matching record found if you misspelled or put your details incorrectly.
  • Still, no result showed up?  Maybe the result not yet transferred from the data server by the PRC.

Just be patient  your rating will be available soon once it all  finished…