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Philhealth Care Project accepting applicants now


Phil Health CARE ProjectThe PhilHealth CARES (PhilHealth Customer Assistance, Relations and Empowerment Staff) Project is now accepting an applicant.

The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) initially hired 334 PhilHealth CARES nurses for deployment of  Levels 3 and 4 government hospitals, and another196 more will be deployed to Levels 1 and 2 hospitals.
Deployment is expected in March, once the recruitment and training processes have been completed. The engagement will run for six (6) months but may be renewed until end-2012.

“The launch of PhilHealth CARES will definitely improve our front line service, with PhilHealth personnel assisting them at point-of- service which is the hospital. Availment of benefits will be easier and more convenient. They may also assist non-members and encourage them to enroll in the National Health Insurance Program,” quoted statement of  Dr. Eduardo P. Banzon, PhilHealth President and CEO.

Nurses will be trained to help lessen the problems encountered in benefits availment of PhilHealth members. They will also help the hospitals in facilitating the documentary requirements and significantly reduce the number of Return-to-Hospital (RTH) claims, which affects the processing time of claims.

Apart from providing member assistance, the PhilHealth CARES Nurses will also perform data- gathering functions such as exit interviews with patients and members, surveys and other studies that PhilHealth might initiate in the future.

Interested applicants may email their resumes to hrmdd.admin@philhealth.gov.ph under the subject heading “PhilHealth CARES application.”

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