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Nursing Memes: The Serious Truth about Nurses

Nursing is no joke. In the hospital, you have tons of responsibilities that you even forget to pee or to drink water for the whole 8-hour shift. But you know what? Even tough jobs have their own humors.


In this article, I’m sharing you funny nursing memes that every nurse can related to. I believe that picture paints a thousand words, so I will not give wordy introductions.

The admission

So, to start up your day, let’s begin with admission. This is a nurse’s reaction when he/she receive a phone call informing that the station has an incoming admission. Brace yourself!


The implementation phase

When the patients, the circumstances, and the nursing tasks are beyond the nurse’s control… this is how a perfectly normal nurse react.




Dependent and Independent Nursing Interventions

And this is how nurses address to the needs of their totally impossible and unbearable patients.



The Extra-curricular Activities

What makes every nurse’s duty even harder? The physician’s rounds, other staff members, and the annoying folks of the patients.




Endorsement time

And just when you’re about to end your shift with an endorsement:


The best part

The amazing part of the duty experience is when you leave the hospital, and this is how it is done:


Post-duty realizations

Just when you’re about to take a night’s rest:


Admit it! Nursing has its own funny ways where only nurses can understand and relate. Have a fun duty days everyone.