Hypertension is also called as high blood pressure. It is really a common problem among people nowadays. With the influence of the environment and lifestyle coupled with genetics, hypertension is really a common nursing problem. Each case of hypertension may involve different ways of treatment; however the major goal is to prevent an increase in the blood pressure as well as its complications.

High blood pressure is a condition wherein there is an abnormal increase of blood pressure probably caused by lifestyle such as smoking, being obeses, acquiring diabetes, lack of physical activity as well as higher levels of intake of salt in the diet. The normal blood pressure is between 90-120 / 60-90. Hypertension happens when the arteries on the heart are blocked causing the heart to pump blood harder.

Hypertension can either be primary or secondary hypertension. The difference between primary and secondary hypertension is the origin of the presence of hypertension. When the cause of this episode could not be traced, then it is primary hypertension, while secondary hypertension has a reason, for instance, it can be caused by defective kidney or use of birth control pills.

Nursing Care Plan for Hypertension