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Nursing By The Numbers – How Nurses Stack Up [Inforgraphic]

Education plays an essential role in the development of nursing professionals. It can be viewed as one of the most strategic, and in some cases, only route towards career advancement.

More than half of the 2.7 million U.S. registered nurses have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher. At 55%–this percentage has grown more than five percent in the last ten years.

And if this next figure is any indicator, the quest towards advanced nursing education shows no signs of slowing down.

  • Two in five American nurses either plan or are in the process of obtaining a master’s or higher in the nursing field.

Given the high demand for these individuals, there’s expected to be an increase of approximately 542,300 more nurses in the United States by the year 2022. As a result, the nursing field will likely grow by nearly twice the rate of non-medical professions.

This infographic by Maryville University Online, helps visualize the true importance of nursing in the United States. It uncovers some nursing statistics and other related tidbits not widely known by those looking into this promising field.