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A Board Examinee’s Prayer

nursing board prayer


Thank you so much for everything that you have lead me to. Thank you so much for the guidance, the courage you poured unto me, and the divine grace and blessing that fills my spirit. I thank you for leading me to this path and showing me the way towards compassion, love, altruism, and sincere caring for my fellowmen.

Lord, I have successfully completed and achieved my degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and this success I offer to you. I will never be where I am today if not for your help and divine guidance. There is, however, another final challenge for me that will gauge and will determine if I am to practice and put to test everything that I learned, and all the skills I acquired. I humbly ask for your guidance once more. Fill my mind with the intellect and comprehension I need to answer the questions with precision and correctness, but also fill my heart with understanding and patience to accept that I will never be able to know everything and answer everything. Fill me with humbleness oh Lord. When the day comes that I lift my pencil and start answering the numerous questions, I pray that you guide my pencil, my mind, and my heart towards the correct answers. Please be with me, always. Please do not leave my side and please be my guide and my refuge. This is a challenge I know I must face. I know that you are my guide and the effort will still come from me. I humbly ask for a little help, for I know, with you, nothing is impossible. I pray not only for myself, oh Lord, but also for the thousands of examinees that shall share my peril. I pray that you embrace them, just as you embrace me.

Oh Lord, I do not know if I shall pass, or if I shall fail the exam. Whatever fate has in store for me, I pray that you be with me all the way. Should I pass and cry tears of joy, I humbly ask that you share my happiness with me as it is through your loving grace that I did so well. Should I fail and cry tears of sorrow, I only ask that you embrace me in the silence of failure and fill my spirit with hope and faith. I ask that you be my refuge.

Lord, this examination shall determine everything ahead of me with regards to my profession. Whatever happens, I shall glorify you and humbly accept what you have laid for me. There is a time for everything, and I know that you have something in store for me. I have faith in you, and I love you so much. Please bless me, fill my mind, heart, and spirit with your divine wisdom, and I shall have the grace I need to do what I perceive is impossible. To You be the glory, forever.



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