Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz recently called on for license nurses ,nursing graduates and other job seekers in healthcare backgrounds to explore  for other healthcare-related job opportunities.

She gave assurance that there is an “array of non-clinical, yet, medical-related job opportunitiesas alternate careers in the healthcare industry”

“With the fast-growing and innovative trends and advancements in the healthcare industry, I encourage you to go out-of-the-box, beyond the traditional clinical jobs, and explore other emerging medical and health-related careers that are needed by our labor market today,” quoted statement from an interview

Citing a report from the Bureau of Local Employment (BLE), Baldoz said the healthcare information outsourcing sector of BPOs is considered as one of the fast-growing sectors with over 100,000 medical-related jobs open to nursing graduates.

“With the growth trend in the healthcare information management outsourcing industry, healthcare careers now expand into various disciplines which open huge career opportunities for nursing graduates and allied medical professionals,” she explained.

The Career Guides posted on the BLE website at said healthcare outsourcing careers that unemployed nurses could consider include Medical Transcriptionists; Medical Secretaries; Medical Coders and Billers; Medical Assistants; Medical Representatives, and Medical Butlers.

Baldoz noted that this healthcare outsourcing jobs starting wages ranging from P14,000 to P18,000, while clinical appeals specialists employed in the BPO industry received a basic pay of P20,000-P40,000 or may even be higher depending on the hours of work, typing speed and type of employment.

For nursing graduates, they can also apply as clinical research associates who monitor and administer health and safety protocols and related study training to assigned work sites Baldoz said

The job requirements are same skills required of nurses, like medical knowledge and skills in applying clinical regulatory requirements.

“If they are into clinical review and decision making, they may consider a career as a Clinical Appeals Specialist who abstracts clinically relevant facts documented in the patient’s medical record, reviews clinical cases and responds to written medical appeals of patients and clients,” Baldoz said.

“The salary in these alternate medical careers is almost double  the average monthly salary of P10,000 received by nurses working in local hospitals and private institutions.” she added.

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