Nursing is one of the fastest growing sectors of the healthcare industry. It is projected that the demand for Nursing will continue until the year 2020 as the”baby-boomer” population significantly ages and they are retiring one by one. New nurses will soon enter the market and will replace these old boomers. It is a fact that the economy places a high demand for nurses as the number of people requiring healthcare significantly increases as well. Degree-holders in particular are continuously in high-demands as well as associate degree holders. The salary between having a Bachelor’s and and Associate is almost half but it is the prerogative of the person who wishes to take up the course on what he would pursue. One thing is for sure though: whether you possess and R.N. , or a C.N.A, you will find a job if you do the right thing.

Fresh graduates in the field of Nursing are on the rise as people are now realizing the potential growth this area has. Every year, more and more students graduate with a degree in Nursing and are going to look for jobs. There is a challenge for these new nurses, however. An irony of the demand is: there is a high demand but the selection process is quite tough. A job-applicant must be able to have an edge in the competition if he wishes to work as a nurse in the area he wishes, especially if he seeks hospital employment. A lot of options are available for the fresh graduates: volunteer work may offer him experience while he waits for interviews, or he may pursue a Master’s degree or a specialization in Nursing. In this highly competitive world, the more credentials you have, the more is the potential for employers to hire you. Plus, specialization and having a master’s will significantly increase work independence, the degree of respect for you, and the pay as well.

There are a lot of things a new nurse will want to consider in looking for a job. He must consider the basic law of taxation, supply and demand, and cost of living. A nurse must be able to weigh in these aspects and conclude if the salary offer, benefits, and circumstances will prove useful for him and allow for financial and professional growth. Nursing is a passion, but it is also a way of living that will provide food to the table.

Nursing is a wonderful profession. It is a people-centered profession wherein we provide care for clients while at the same time earning for ourselves. It is one of the best professions there is and the economic growth will significantly prove useful for us. It will just depend on us, and our stakes on how we would utilize our degree in getting the best employment we can. Challenge yourself. There is a bright future ahead of us.

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