The number of Filipino nurse seeking job in the US drop almost 42 % last year  from 9,789  in 2010 to only 5,630 in  2011  Rep. Arnel Ty said.

America’s National Council of State Boards of Nursing recent statistic report show that 5,630 Filipinos, who took the NCLEX for the first time in 2011 was only about one-fourth of the 21,499 examinees took the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX)  at the height of the nursing boom in 2007.

This figure indicates that Filipino Nurse wanted to work in the US is dropping, Rep. Arnel  added  that the  number of first timer nurses taking the NCLEX  last year are declining since 2001 with  only 4,456 took the exam. Since 1995 there is a total of 145,081 Filipino nurses taken the NCLEX  without counting repeater, in the hope of pursuing gainful careers in America.

NCLEX statistics suggest that around six of every 10 Filipino nurses who take the exam eventually pass, if not on their first attempt, on their second take.

The Professional Regulation Commission estimates the number of jobless Filipino nurses to hit 298,000 this year, to include the 68,000 who took the local licensure exam in December.

To resolve increase population of jobless nurses, Rep. Arnel  Ty has been pushing for new legislation that would establish a special local jobs plan for the growing number of unemployed Filipino nurses.

The House Bill 4582, the job’s plan would be an expanded version of the Nurses Assigned in Rural Service, the short-lived Philippine government project that enlisted nurses to improve healthcare in the 1,000 poorest towns in 2009.

The bill seeks to install a Special Program for the Employment of Nurses in Urban and Rural Services (Nurse), which hopes to mobilize a total of 10,000 practitioners every year.

They would each serve a six-month tour of duty, and get a monthly stipend not lower than the amount commensurate to Salary Grade 15, the higher starting pay for public nurses mandated by a 2002 law.

He also stressed the  need for the Philippine government to push for the opening of new foreign labor markets for Filipino nurses outside of America. This is regarding the overcrowded of foreign nurses in the US labor market.

“US demand for foreign nurses is slowing down, with hospitals and nursing homes there still staggering from subsidy cutbacks. America is also producing more nurses. In 2011 alone, a total of 172,041 US-educated nurses took the NCLEX for the first time,” he added.

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