A lot of people have contributed to the field of Science and Health known as Nursing. Nursing has evolved into a prestigious profession that changed society’s very perception of the field. Nursing has evolved from basic caring for the sick, to a more technical and scientific approach to life. These changes are attributed to the intellectual and the wonderful people who helped the profession grow and mature. Throughout the years, these people shaped Nursing and paved the way to the highly skilled and highly scientific profession it is today. Here are fifteen of the people from around the globe who have greatly contributed to Nursing’s growth


A lot of individuals shaped Nursing and it will not be the profession it is today without these great people. Many of these people served humanity in a way that shaped history and Nursing for eternity. All of these people have within their hearts the passion towards caring for humanity, without any discrimination. These people deeply believed that everyone has the right to basic access to needs and healthcare and that no one is to be denied this. These nurses serve as beacons and models for nurses today, in order to inspire them to care for humanity with genuine altruism and compassion. The legacies of these nurses cannot and will never be denied. They have all worked for humanity, all in the name of genuine care, the foundation of the Nursing profession.

The Nursing profession has indeed grew to a point where basic caring for humanity comes hand-in-hand with scientific technicality. Caring has been from nursing a person with a fever using tepid sponge baths, to the administration of intravenous medicines and use of thermal blankets. Our profession has endured the test of time and has become a dire need for humanity’s survival. Nurses do not merely care for the sick, the injured, and the suffering. Nurses do the best they can to better humanity’s health through continuous health education and health promotion.

What about you, have you contributed something to our profession’s growing body of knowledge and skill? Have you, in your own little way, made this world a better place through your caring hands? Will you be the next Lady (or gentleman) with the Lamp? Most importantly, what is your nursing legacy?