Spontaneous Abortion Nursing Care Plan – Fluid Volume Deficit Related to Massive Blood Loss


Spontaneous abortion or in layman’s term, called miscarriage. It presents a lot of risk factors to one’s health not only physically but also emotionally especially if a couple has been trying to have a child for years. It is called spontaneous abortion if a fetus is born before its 20th week. It is called preterm delivery if a fetus was born after its 20th week of gestation.

Abortion pregnant woman

There are different types of abortion. One is complete abortion which means all the fetus’ parts of the body was able to get out of the mother’s womb. Incomplete if some parts of the fetus got out but not all. Inevitable abortion means the abortion cannot be prevented. This usually happens if there are underlying conditions associated with pregnancy where it has to be stopped. Missed abortion is when the baby has lost its viability and was not able to get out of the body. There is also what you call infected abortion where the womb of the mother and the parts of the fetus’ left was already infected.

In the event that the fetus’ body was left in the mother’s womb, it is necessary for the patient to go and see a doctor for her to have a surgery to remove the remaining fetus’ body. This surgery is called D and C which is the shortcut term of dilation and curettage. This surgery is done to scrape out the remaining fetus in the mother’s womb.

As what was mentioned earlier, spontaneous abortion presents physical and emotional threats to both the mother and father. For the mother, continuous vaginal bleeding can be detrimental to her physical health. Fluid Volume Deficit can be one of the problems that it can manifest. As a nurse, here is an example of a nursing care plan in taking care of a woman who had a spontaneous abortion.

Spontaneous Abortion Nursing Care Plan – Fluid Volume Deficit Related to Massive Blood Loss Secondary to Spontaneous Abortion

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