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Renewal of Nurses PRC License


Nurses PRC License expired every 3 years and need to renew it whether you’re active or not in the nursing profession. License is your only proof that you are capable and competent to practice your profession in the country. When it comes time to renew your license, these  useful steps can help you  in a simple way to make your processing easier and  more convenient.

Renewal of PRC License

  1. Duly Renewal form here 

Form can also obtain from the Information Window near the entrance gate in PRC central office..

  1. Two (2) pcs. of your latest passport size picture: close-up, colored, plain white background, with complete name tag
  2. Two piece of  Photo/Xerox copy of recent professional ID card front and back.

If lost you have to submit notarized affidavit of loss and original with Photocopy of valid ID it should have picture and your signature.

In case of Destroyed professional ID, the applicant has to submit letter of request for its replacement. Destroyed ID shall be surrendered.

  1. Submit duly accomplished Application for Professional ID form together with the requirements at Window 16 or 18 (for verification & markings)
  2. Pay the Renewal Fee of P450 to the Cashier

There is an additional fee for license expired for more than a year.PRC gives penalty to professionals who defer the renewal of their license

  1. Get you receipt then go back to windows 16,18 or 30 , submit all requirements together with  your receipt and then Get your claim slip
  2. Claim your professional license  on the scheduled date of release (please refer to your claim slip for further instructions)

If you chose to mail your PRC License Card in your residence, just proceed to WWWExpress booth. Fill out the form and present your ID claim stub along with your payment (Php 80.00 if within Metro Manila).

Note: That if you have a representative filing the application and claiming the professional ID in behalf of the professional, you must have a valid ID to present and a Special Power of Attorney. The valid identification of the professional is also important. However, if you are a PRC registered professional acting as representative, you can transact with PRC upon presentation of Authorization Letter and his/her professional ID.

If you have further question or suggestions feel free to leave a message below.

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  1. Bkit agnun nagrenew ako licence today…After i fill up the application for renewal Window 13 lang ako pumila…I waited 40 minutes then tinawag na ko sa window 17 then pinapunta ako cashier to pay the renewal of 450 pesosThen after ko magbyad di nako pinablik ulit sa window?Sabi ng guard ok na daw un,balik nlang daw ako window 24 for claiming nsa akin naman stub…kaso di na kinuha ulit un expired PRC ID ko even ung xerox at un isa pang passport size pic..kala ko ba 2pcs kailangan?bothered tuloy ako if i did the processing correct…

    • Requirements for SM Mall renewals of PRC License:
      Most recent PRC License, 1 Passport sized Photo (colored photo with white background, with name tag, collared shirt), Renewal fee of P450.00 for timely renewal. For expired licenses, add P150.00 per year overdue, plus Fines (exact fees to be determined by PRC only). Over and above all fees, SM Malls will charge a processing fee of P50.00 only. Redemption of renewed PRC license is 1 month after filing.

  2. Nasa US ako ngaun expired na ung license ko last January need ko na irenew. Is there a possible way to renew the license online. And also I need to change my last name, can you help me and tell the procedure on how to renew it and what are the things/ requirements needed on renewing the license and changing my lastname.

  3. hello can i ask a question? my fiance authorized me to get her ID but the claim stub/slip is missing is there any problem with that? and if so is there any option? by the way my fiance is in middle east right now so she authorized me to get it. thanks in advance..

  4. pag nag claim ng id,how long yung validity time?nagrenew ako nung january tapos when I came back to get it di pa daw ready.. So i was wondering if you have any idea.. Hindi ko pa rin kasi nakeclaim up to now..