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Department of Health (DOH) Nurse Certification Program


The Department of Health (DOH) has officially launched a program called “DOH Nursing Certification Program (NCP)” in Manila. The ceremonies were lead by Health Secretary Enrique Ona. The NCP is a certification system. It is a program that aims to develop  and improve the competency and the skills of Filipino Nurses. According to Secretary Ona, the launch of the program will be the first one ever in the history of the Department of Health. It is a program that shall strengthen the theoretic knowledge and clinical skills of nurses in specific areas of nursing practice.

The NCP will be supervised directly by the DOH. It adopts a level-progression scheme towards certification of competencies across the different clinical areas.  The standards and the performance criteria are established by the DOH and are used across all DOH hospitals. The NCP provides a criteria and a framework for higher level performance of nurses, using specific behaviors identified for each level and area as performance standards; all the whilst providing a mechanism for progressing to one level of expertise to another. A Certification of Competency shall be awarded to a nurse who has satisfactorily satisfied the criteria and standards for each level.

Specialty Programs are assigned to select DOH specialty hospitals which will develop Level III, IV and V competencies of nurses.

List of Specialty Programs under NCP with their respective Heads:

  1. Cardiovascular Nursing – Philippine Heart Center
  2. Renal Nursing – National Kidney and Transplant Institute
  3. Pediatric Nursing – Philippine’s Children Medical Center and National Children’s Hospital
  4. Pulmonary Nursing – Lung Center of the Philippines
  5. Mental Health Nursing – National Center for Mental Health
  6. Maternal and Child Nursing – Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital
  7. Infectious Disease Nursing – San Lazaro Hospital
  8. Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Nursing – Philippine Orthopedic Center
  9. Trauma and Emergency Nursing – East Avenue Medical Center

The program was developed by selected DOH Teaching and Training Hospitals as supervised by the DOH-HHRDB. The system for the certification includes the following:

a) competency definitions for each level of general or specialty areas;
b) requirements for entry into each level;
c) competency-based assessment process to determine entry into as well as satisfactory completion of requirements for a given level;
d)  learning and  development interventions for each level, using existing development programs in the hospitals and building on them; and
e) certification of competency for each level of progression.

Department of Health (DOH) Nurse Certification Program Official Guidelines



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